Clean up

Learn How To Starting a Residential Cleaning Service can Change Your Life and Lead to Financial Freedom.


  1. I am going to walk you through the fastest way of understanding how to create a Residential Cleaning Company. This will be the easiest and quickest way.
  2. You will learn how important it is to choose right entity and model of your business. The need to protect yourself and create financial independence.
  3. You’ll also learn the several big mistakes that people make when getting into a business. and how you can avoid it to get ahead.
  4. You’ll learn on my costly trial and error, 37 years-experience a steps how to identify your niche market.
  5. You’ll learn the importance of creating innovation. And so differentiate yourself from competition and create branding for your business.
  6. You’ll will learn the deal-breaker difference between you and your competition. As well as what you have to offer to never get ignored in your target market.
  7. You will get sample of simple proposal for your cleaning services. Including non-compete agreement, this alone is worth to own this book.
  8. You will get sample of very simple non-compete agreement. Great to sign with your employee or subcontractor, a must have if you hire any workers
  9. You’ll learn most Pricing solutions to your questions that now awaiting you in this book.
  10. In this book I intend to show you , how you will never get fired , as your Clients will never wanted to leave.


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